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Personal Service

Your Own Personal Customer Service

We know how important your shipment is to you, and we know automation of rates and tracking is not enough, that’s why you have your own shipments manager at All Forward, and you can always you the chat system to communicate separately about each shipment – and don’t worry, your communication history will be saved forever and easy to find, just like  e-mails, but better.

No Pre-Payment

Pay Only After Departure For Ocean Ship

Unlike any other Digital Freight Forwarder, we don’t ask you to pay before your shipment is on ship and sailed. We understand it can be hard to pay in advance and trust that everything will be fine after you pay. This is why we only ask you to pay for your shipping after you can see that goods were picked up from your supplier, loaded into the container, boarded on ship and sailed. This way we eliminate any fear you might have and help you keep your funds for an extra few weeks in your cashflow.

All Forward - The Power Of Many

Get instant rates based on thousands of freight forwarders on our netwrok & the All Forward technology, we provide the ultimate solution for booking and management of your shipments.